Who inspires me

There are many people who inspire me to do different things. These people inspire me to work hard, be confident, love everyone, and be my best self. I would say my best self is someone who helps everyone and has their arms always open, cares for others like they are family, smiles with pure happiness and brings joy to others, works hard for what they want, and has the confidence to believe in themselves.

Sometimes it is hard for me to be my best self. There are days when I feel like I cannot do anything right or everything is just going wrong. It takes real effort to be the best version of yourself, and you can’t always be that person all the time. But, I think about the people closest to me and feel inspired to be my best.

My mom inspires me to help others, especially when they need it most. My mom is a nurse and works 50+ hour weeks helping her patients. She is currently working on the covid floor at Barberton Hospital. She is risking her health to help make others feel better and get them healthy again. Her patients need help the most right now, and she puts in the effort to make sure they get the help they need. On her days off, she’s cleaning the entire house, taking care of our dogs, buying and cooking food for us, washing our clothes, and making sure we have everything we need. She is showing me each and every day to help others and take care of them when they need it.

My dad inspires me to work hard and remember that when things are bad, they will get better. In the summer, going into my seventh grade year of school, my parents got a divorce. It was really hard on my sister and I. A few years later, my dad struggled and was out of a job. He did not give up and kept looking. Now he is a big part of the company he works for and is no longer struggling. He worked hard and was able to make his situation better by not giving up. I always remember that no matter what, it will get better. I just need to work hard and keep my head up.

My coach, Coree, inspires me to believe in myself and have confidence in my abilities. Throughout the past seven years, I have had some pretty mean and bad volleyball coaches and teammates. Those coaches and teammates took away my confidence and made me believe that I was not good enough. However, that was far from the truth. Every day at practice and during each game, Coree would remind me how great of a player I was, and sparked my confidence back up. She gave me the ability to believe in myself again after others put me down. I will always be grateful for her and what she was able to do for me. I am always reminded that no matter what other people think, I know who I am and what my worth is. I can do almost anything I put my mind to, and I will not let others put me down.

My best friend, Colin, inspires me to love and care for others at all times. Colin is one of the people I love most. However, sometimes he does things that are not good or that I do not appreciate. Even when he does things that upset me, I still love him and care for him. Just because he did something wrong does not mean he doesn’t love or that I should stop loving him. People make mistakes in life, even the people you love most. You should always love others and be forgiving of their mistakes (most of their mistakes). I would want the same done for me if I was the one who made a mistake or upset somebody.

All of these people and more inspire me to be a little like them, allowing me to be the best version of myself that I can be.



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Grace O'Donnell

My name is Grace O’Donnell, this blog is for my English Composition II class at the University of Akron.